My most challenging and rewarding paintings are those that

hug the edge of abstraction. They reveal the invisible experience of place. The dynamics of wind, cold, exertion, danger and surprise become part of an expanded visual that tells not only what I have experienced, but also how it has affected me. The paintings inevitably become metaphors for

our shared humanity.


On this illusive edge, I paint with abandon allowing the

painting to slowly emerge from the brink of chaos to acquire

an identity of its own. In this act of faith, I consciously set

aside preconceptions allowing the painting’s soul to take form.

Often I paint to music, surrendering to liberating rhythms that guide my hand and prevent me from becoming overly analytical. On a subconscious level, I am constantly aware of composition, contrast, variety in texture and color. I work with a full palette, large brushes and move in a dance with paint and canvas.


Connie Slack

4855 6th Street

Boulder Colorado 80304




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